Primal Mooncloth


Primal Mooncloth / Whitemend Wisdom
Tier 1 Priest Lookalike

Armor Type: Cloth
Level Req.: 70
Source: Tailor crafted
Availability: Likely very time consuming to farm the materials and some of the patterns are rare

How to get the set:
The outfit depicted here is a recolour of the Priest T1 Prophecy, comprised of the Primal Mooncloth and Whitemend Wisdom sets, both of which are crafted by tailors of 375 skill or greater.

The patterns for the three pieces of the Primal Mooncloth set can be purchased by tailors for just a few coins from Nasmara Moonsong in Shattrath City, and can be made by any tailor of 375+ skill.

The Whitemend patterns are sadly considerably more challenging to obtain, as they are both drops from Outland dungeon bosses. Pattern: Whitemend Hood drops from Warp Splinter in both Normal and Heroic Botanica and Pattern: Whitemend Pants drops from Dalliah the Doomsayer in both Normal and Heroic Arcatraz.

The drop rates for the patterns are debatable, as they are BoP and only visible on a boss if a member of the party is a tailor. As such, Wowhead lists the drop chance as considerably lower than in reality. Even so, it may take a considerable while to farm for the pattern if you are a tailor, and if you’re not, you’ll likely have to find one who was playing very actively (or was very lucky) during The Burning Crusade.

Assuming you have no problems with access to the patterns, the next hurdle is the material cost of making the five items. On top of the 46 Primal Mooncloth required, the recipes use numerous Primals and Spider Silks too. Whilst these materials are farmable and occasionally available on the Auction House, it still might take a while to collect everything.

ShouldersPrimal Mooncloth Shoulders (Crafted by tailors of 365+ skill)
ChestPrimal Mooncloth Robe (Crafted by tailors of 375+ skill)
WaistPrimal Mooncloth Belt (Crafted by tailors of 355+ skill)
HeadWhitemend Hood (Crafted by tailors of 375+ skill)
LegsWhitemend Pants (Crafted by tailors of 375+ skill)

~ by Noelani on May 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “Primal Mooncloth”

  1. What boots are you wearing that complete the set?

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