The Visual Roleplay Gear List was first conceived in December 2009, although not officially released until Autumn 2010 due to the large amount of preparation building up a database of item sets. Since these early days, the site has grown to encompass in excess of 500 different gear sets and roleplay related items, although the work is far from complete!

Roleplaygear is the brainchild of Ironyca and Noelani, a couple living in Denmark in reality, and Argent Dawn EU in virtuality. The aim of the project is to present an easily navigable compilation of gear sets in WoW. The site is not intended to be definitive, but rather an ongoing stream of updates for sets which we personally find attractive.

Ironyca is responsible for all of the pictures and graphical additions to the site, as well as being the creative driving force behind most of the set building process (the one who puts the items together in a neat, aesthetically pleasing package). Formerly a raiding shadow priest and elemental shaman, Ironyca now takes a more relaxed approach to WoW, enjoying the experience of levelling alts through revamped Azeroth, and blogging about the social side of gaming @ Ironyca Stood in the Fire. She studies Computer Game Analysis.

The majority of the articles and texts on the site are written by Noelani, who also does the occasional spot of research to put item sets together, namely those from raid instances. Noelani has played WoW since late 2004 in the EU Beta as a shadow/holy priest, and has been a guild and raid leader for the majority of that time, currently serving a fourth year in charge of a small, cosy raiding guild. The character Noelani is actually a hunter, and the ‘main alt’ of the aforementioned priest. Noelani has 525 Archaeology skill both in-game and in reality, although sadly only holds the Professor title in one of those planes of existence.

Selection Process

When making articles and compiling item sets, there are a few things we have to take into consideration. Here’s a small explanation of our reasoning.

■ Model Choice
We do our best to present gear on characters of all WoW races and genders, however, as most players are probably aware, certain models distort armor in ways that are not necessarily optimal for display. For example, hooven races notoriously distort boots and smaller characters can make it challenging to even see the clothing. As such, you’re likely to find that the most represented models on the site are those with the most straight postures and medium body sizes.

■ Gear Choice
When selecting outfits to post, we pick items from a wide variety of sources, although we do have a couple of general rules that we try to stick to. We avoid using tier pieces where possible (see below) and try not to list quest items, as often players will have already completed the quests and will find themselves unable to acquire the items retroactively. Exceptions to this are from after The Shattering of Patch 4.0.3a, which acted as a reset for quests and introduced a whole new wave of item rewards.

In some circumstances, we will picture a character with an incomplete gear set for aesthetic reasons (sometimes one piece doesn’t match the others, sometimes a headpiece detracts from the impact of the set etc.), but we do our best to link the missing pieces anyway!

■ Tier Sets
We are currently in the process of adding Tier sets to the site, as they are in such high demand since the announcement of Transmogrification.

Picture Policy

You are free to use our pictures non-commercially, under the requirement that you either link to roleplaygear.wordpress.com, or to the respective article. Direct copying of our text, on the other hand, will make us very sad indeed!

Thanks for visiting!

13 Responses to “About”

  1. Gettin’ some real good ideafications fer the upcoming Transmogalypse from here. Thankee fer all yer efforts!

  2. Highborne Star – http://www.wowhead.com/item=15967#screenshots
    Bonecaster’s Star – http://www.wowhead.com/item=15986#screenshots
    Master’s Rod – http://www.wowhead.com/item=15942

    These off-hands are staff-like, I’m surprised they are not in the accessories page.

    • We’re not a fully comprehensive site, there’s quite literally thousands of items and sets in WoW. Don’t expect us to have everything, we’re work in progress!

  3. An epic drop finding this place. Awesome work. Salu2 desde Costa Rica.

  4. This is such a wonderful site. I love all of the combinations of gear and the list of tier sets. I was wondering if you ever considered adding PvP gear to the selection? There are a few friends of mine who have considered using old PvP gear once 4.3 arrives.

    • Thanks for your kind words!
      It might be an option in the future, but not for now. Before we start looking at PvP gear, we want to post all the quest reward sets and more BoE sets as well.

  5. Hi there!

    It’s an absolute pleasure to browse through your site, my compliments. As many before me, I ended up here through the link in the WoW Insider article, and coudln’t be happier.

    What I was wondering about; are you two considering adding weapon/shield suggestions to the sets sometime?

    a Fan :)

    • Hello and thanks for the message! Regarding weapons, we are adding a few to sets as we go along, but our focus for now is primarily upon the armor itself.

      For an overview of weapons, I’d recommend Disenchanting Azeroth. They are working on an impressive visual compilation of the different weapon models in WoW.

  6. Hi,

    I have completed a set using a mixture of pvp pieces and a BOE armor that is (in my opinion) great. Is there a place were I can submit the set for your site?

    If so, what are your requirements for submissions?

    • Hey there,

      Have you had any luck with the gloves from the Curator yet?

      We’ve been discussing the potential for adding a submissions section to the site in future, and if we do so we’d certainly consider featuring yours. In the meantime, feel free to send an email to ironyca @ hotmail.com with a picture and the names of the items and we’ll happily check it out.

      • Thanks for asking, but no. The Curator still has not relinquished his grasp on my T4 gloves token. Also, I hope you do add a submissions section to the site! I’ll be emailing you my first set (lol I have several on my Pally) and would be thrilled to see it featured on the site!

  7. Very impressed by the work you’ve done here…and I expect with the recent news about 4.3 and Transmogrify, you’ll be seeing a lot more traffic. I know I’m on my way to tell my guild about this site!

    Well done.

  8. Hello,

    you’ve done a very good job here. A small suggestion: I have a character wearing the the Bloodscale Set. For the missing shoulders I use the Brigade Pauldrons (http://www.wowhead.com/item=9934).


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